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X-Force/Cable: Messiah War by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Clayton Crain, Ariel Olivetti, Larry Stroman, Mike Choi (Illustrations)

X-Force/Cable: Messiah WarX-Force/Cable: Messiah War by Craig Kyle

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Super intense set of stories.  This is the chronicle of Cable's efforts to protect the first mutant child born after "M" Day (named Hope Summers by Cable) from a once ally who becomes obsessed with killing the child, and in his mind, saving the future. Cable is from the future, one in which the mutant scientist created him using DNA from Scott Summers and Jean Gray (although his mother was a clone of Gray).   All Cable knows how to be is a warrior, and he proves that he won't stop until he sees Hope safe.

The artwork is gorgeous overall.  I really appreciate Ariel Olivetti's work. It looks as lavish and lushly colorful as museum pieces.  I wasn't as fond of the art in "The Life and Times of Lucas Bishop, but I definitely enjoyed the narrative on this former X-Men's life.  It is important to understand what could drive him to such extremes.  But seeing the world he was born and lived in, it clarified his motivations for me. 

I liked the tie-in to the X-Force arc.  I read this first, and recently read X-Force, Vol. 3: Not Forgotten, and that one takes up shortly after the climatic events in this collection.

Extensive dossiers on all the pertinent characters are included, and that was enlightening.  Also included was information about Cable's preferred weaponry and devices.  He is quite the gadget man.  Due to my obsessive nature, I love dossiers and character bios. When I get into something, I like to find out everything I can about it.  I like that the creators put it all here for readers.

I love that Marvel put this collection together. It's a great way to get caught up on some very important stories in the X-Men universe.  I think this was a great find at my library, but it is also worth it for bonafide fans of the Messiah War story arc and the character of Cable, Bishop or Hope Summers, and even other X-Force-related characters.

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