Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Avengers Arena, Volume 3: Boss Level Dennis Hopeless (Text), Christos Gage (Text), Karl Moline (Illustrations), Kev Walker (Illustrations)

Avengers Arena, Vol. 3: Boss LevelAvengers Arena, Vol. 3: Boss Level by Dennis Hopeless

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I take full responsibility for reading these out of order. The problem is, I don't care to go back and read the first ones because I know how it ends. 

I think my main reason why I didn't love this is because I'm not a big fan of the Battle Royale concept.  While in theory, it's kind of cool to see Marvel superheroes go at each other, I didn't like the idea of teens maiming and killing each other.  I'm not saying I like for adults to do it, but it doesn't feel as wrong to me as teenagers harming each other.

I wanted to take the mastermind jerk and bury him in the sand slathered with honey.  The worst kind of villain, the one who doesn't do any of his own dirty work, but runs things in the background where he's safe.

The different kids have some interesting powers and identities, so that was one of the high points of this read. Of course, I'm a pretty big fan of X-23, and it was nice to see her in this one. Some of the scenarios she was drawn into, not so much.

I can't speak to the coherence of this, because, like I said, I read it out of order.  It was pretty understandable, more or less.  The artwork is well done.  It felt like a arena/gladiator sport the way it was drawn. And I liked that they identified the different characters, since there are plenty of new ones for me.

Some readers might love this one. In my case, since it's going to a dark place that's outside of my comfort level, I didn't love it. Still, three stars since the quality is very high with this book.

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