Saturday, July 12, 2014

Irredeemable Volume 4 by Mark Waid, Diego Baretto (Illustrator)

I'm at the point where I have hardly any sympathy for Plutonian. I'm sure that's the point. His nuclear-level, over-the-top temper tantrum has cost the lives of millions of innocents, and his homicidal impulses are unchecked. I mean, get over it. I think many of us have lived through being unpopular and didn't turn into mass murderers. The remaining members of his former team Paradigm are working to stop him. Bette has to face her demons about her massive betrayals of her husband, the other team members and the world for her omission in not volunteering crucial information about stopping Plutonian because of the way she gained the information. We also learn about how Kaidan came into her abilities. That was very cool. I am still sucked into this book. I think it's harder to read because more and more is revealed about Plutonian and while I can understand how lonely his life must have been, he makes all the wrong choices and decides instead of being accountable and holding to the high standard that comes with abilities like his, he'll just go the other way. Yes, there is mental illness involves, but many of his acts are willfully cruel in their execution. Also, there is a traitor among the ranks, and that's hard to read for me. Actually reading about a hero turning into such a horrible individual is quite devastating. He relishes in his meanness and the level of distress he is causing others. This story gets more twisted as it goes along. While there are some very wrong characters, each character is flawed in their own unique way. And more heroes fall in the quest to bring down Plutonian. I'll definitely keep reading, but I might take a short break between volumes.

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