Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Punisher, Volume 3 by Greg Rucka and Richard Matthew Southworth (Illustrations), Matthew Clark (Illustrations)

The Punisher, Volume 2The Punisher, Volume 2 by Greg Rucka

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm really sucked into this series.  There is a tremendous meeting of the minds between Castle and Cole-Alves.  They almost don't have to talk, but communicate via body language. This is probably a good and bad thing, because they both understand their rage and need to punish those who have taken their loved ones away and will do the same to others.  Even the secondary characters have an impact on the storyline.  I liked the dialogue between the two detectives on the trail of the Punisher and his new ally.  One represents the side of the person who is sympathetic to the Punisher, and who thinks he's doing the right thing, the other on the side of the law and true justice. I think they represent the duality of the reader, their thoughts on both sides of the equation.

The artwork is gorgeous.  I think the artist is excellent at conveying the sense of purpose and the intensity of the characters on their faces, making up for a lack of dialogue, and also conveying action on the page.

I especially liked the Punisher/Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover.  Daredevil is determined to steer Cole-Alves off the path she has taken, when he failed to do so with Castle.

I am going to be sad when I run out of this run of The Punisher. I still don't know if I'm ready to read the more hardcore Garth Ennis version, and I like the dynamic of Cole-Alves.

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