Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Metzger's Dog by Thomas Perry

Metzger's DogMetzger's Dog by Thomas Perry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'd have to say this isn't my typical type of book, so I'm glad it was selected for Action group's read this month.  I found it enjoyable.  I think that if this was a movie, it would be a Steven Soderburg movie for sure.  I could see his touch all over the movie adaptation.

What I liked:

*I liked the wry and subtle humor.   You have to be paying attention to see it, and it's highly ironical.  The CIA's big thinkers believe their culprit is anything from the Russians to a huge terrorist cell, but it's not anything of the sort.  Their antics to resolve the situation only seem to make things worst.  I felt kind of bad rooting for Chinese and his gang, but they were seeming more and more like the good guys in that situation anyway.  This book doesn't give a person the best view of the CIA, that's for sure.
*I liked Doctor Henry Metzger and his dog.  I wish they were in the book more.  Considering that the book is named after them, I expected more of an appearance. But when they are there, they steal the scenes.  I think Perry is an animal person. He seems to understand their psychology and how they seem to run the households in which they live and often leave their persons baffled.
*The descriptions were very well rendered.  I used all my senses as I read this book. The narrative is never wordy, which would have lent this book to boredom, considering that some much of the narrative hinges on theoretical sociological research.
*This whole book is deftly plotted.  I think it could have easily fallen apart, considering the subject matter. But it doesn't.
*I think Margaret is one of the strongest characters. Surprisingly Chinese Gordon takes a back seat to her. She is really the brains of the operation. 

I wasn't at all sure what I'd get when I started this book. It's kind of like when you go to a restaurant and let your companion pick something off the menu, and you decide you like it.  It's a win on both sides.

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