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Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart

Fire And Ice (Ice, #5)Fire And Ice by Anne Stuart

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I finally finished my reread. It was taking too long!  I'm glad I finally just gave in just read this straight through the past couple of days. I alternated between the Kindle version and my paperback, which is a little more beat up than it was when I started.  Purses are not the best habitat for books, but what can a bookworm do? 

My thoughts this time around:

*Reno, you are such a brat, and how I love you.  You sexy thang! Why did it take you so long to admit you were crazy about Jilly. You were a goner from the beginning. I wish you could have refrained from putting your big cowboy boots in your mouth so much because you were trying to push her away.

*This book is really kind of chaotic at times.  It's okay though. I liked the wild pace and the energy. It felt like an Ice book, but on speed.

*Jilly sure did have a potty mouth. I think it's a function of her age and trying to put on armor against the world. Her mother is an idiot, and her father is barely around.  Other than her older sister, Summer, she practically raised herself.

*I thought the fist fight between Reno and Taka was hilarious. They really did act like family.  It was funny how even Reno was scared of Taka.  Taka is pretty scary, except maybe to Summer.

*I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo, but this book makes me feel like I did. 

*I loved this book just as much. A wild, crazy love story. Complete escapism, with two people who are young, gorgeous, and in love. Sometimes that's exactly what I need to read.


Rain is definitely my Reno. He doesn't have the waist-length red hair, but it's not much of a stretch to see him with that look. Here's a picture of him after he cuts his hair and dyes it black.


Romola Garai definitely reminds me of Jilly. In the book, she has brown eyes, but otherwise, she pulls of the rebellious, but innocent, and highly cerebral persona of Jilly very well.

Reno is a lethal weapon, I decided he would be a sai. Technically sais aren't sharp except on the tip. They are mostly a defensive weapon, but a sai is a nasty weapon in the right hands.  Reno plays like he's feckless, but he's just as lethal as the other men of the Committee, and he's also Yakuza, which is a double whammy.

I needed this book right now!

Original Review

I loved this book.  I know a huge part of it was the Japanese hero. What can I say?  I absoutely adore Asian men, and Reno is such a interesting guy. He's not a nice guy, but boy is he sexy and in the heart he is a decent human being.  He is one reluctant to fall in love hero, but deep down I think he fell for Jilly at first sight. He makes her pay for loving her though.

This book is action-packed and you don't get much down time. But it added to the almost Bonnie and Clyde appeal (without the overt criminal elements).

Boy the sex scenes are probably the steamiest I've read in an Anne Stuart.  You really get the tension and the fire between Reno and Jilly. Jilly has no ability to resist Reno, and she knows it.  Heck, I'm not sure I'd do better resisting him.  I'm still trying to figure out Jilly's failed sexual experience.  I'm scratching my head over that one.

For some reason I wasn't digging Reno's red hair. That bothered me a lot. I could deal with the tattoos, which has shown how I've changed in the years.  But the red hair just didn't sound attractive to me. Probably because I love the glossy black hair of Asian men.  Yum! 

I have a secret fascination with the Japanese Yakuza, which was delightfully indulged somewhat with this book. I loved the tidbits about Japan that Stuart throws in. Not like a person who researched Japan, but truly loves the city and its inhabitants. This book made me want to jump on a plane and go to the country. 

I was a bit worried about Jilly being so young, but it really didn't ruin the book for me. I think the way Stuart dealt with her young age was appropriate. She wasn't always certain and didn't always react the right way to situations, but who does at the age of 20.  Reno also shows that he is a twentysomething and somewhat rebellious type, and so his actions were fitting.

I love the Ice series, although they definitely go there for romances. This book is no different. I think this one is my favorite because Reno is not as machine-like and completely apathetic about morality as the other heroes were (Don't get me wrong, I still love Bastian, Peter, Taka, and Killian for all their ruthless killerness).  In fact, Reno has to work hard not to feel anything, particularly for Jilly. It's clear early on that Jilly is his Achilles' heel, although he makes her believe he can't stand her.  If you're looking for a nice little romance with normal people who always do the right thing, and no body count, don't read this book. If you want an adrenaline ride with two characters who passionately love each other, even though they know it's folly, I think you will love this book. I adore Anne Stuart, so I was along for the ride.  I thought the frenetic, intense, crazy adventurous theme of the book juxtaposed with glimpses into Japanese culture were thoroughly enjoyable.  The book even ends with a wild climax that makes you wonder what these two will be up to in the future, but you don't doubt for a second that they will stay together because they are soulmates.

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