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Anne Stuart Out of Print Gems by Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart's Out-of-Print GemsAnne Stuart's Out-of-Print Gems by Anne Stuart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an ongoing read that I started almost exactly a year ago.  I checked the date, and wow, that's symmetry.  I have made an effort to do some rereading because I want to recapture the magic of romance books in my life.  Anne Stuart is the best, in my opinion.  I could do worse than spend a year with her.  I squeezed these in when I could, so that's why it took me a year. :)

I wrote reviews for each of the books as I read them.  I won't post all the reviews here, because they are quite long. I will instead give my brief thoughts, and you can look up the long reviews if you are so inclined.

Night of the Phantom:  This was never one of my favorites by Ms. Stuart, but it stands up to a reread. There are aspects I appreciate more than I did when I read it initially. It definitely captures the magic of "Phantom of the Opera" and the Beauty and the Beast motif.   4/5 stars.

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One More Valentine: I was really feeling this book when I did my reread.  I have a fondness for the early 20th century and the idea of one of the victims of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre getting a happy ending appeals to my die hard romantic.   4/5 stars

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Cinderman: A fun superhero romance that should be a primer for excellent romantic chemistry.  Loved it! 5/5 stars.

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The Soldier And The Baby:  Definitely one of my Anne Stuart desert island keepers. I love romance where the H/h is on the run and have to use their skills and wits to survive nature.  I also liked that the heroine was a novice nun and the hero was a dangerous man.  Such chemistry. 5/5 stars

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Overall, this comes out to 4.5 stars (since it was 50/50 in the ratings). 

I highly recommend getting this volume for your Kindle. It's not as inexpensive as it was, but it's still a good bargain, considering that all of these are out of print, and if they were in print, it would cost more to get copies of each book. If you're a fan of Anne Stuart, it's a must have. If you want to see what some of her older category books are like, this is a good opportunity.  The prospects are good for all these to get reissued, at least as ebooks, so you might be able to get these individually again.  I definitely want these all to come back in print, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's soon.

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