Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Best of Wolverine, Volume 1 by by Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, Barry Windsor-Smith

The Best of Wolverine, Vol. 1The Best of Wolverine, Vol. 1 by Chris Claremont

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I found the older comics a bit dated in storyline and the artwork. It was nice to get some of James "Logan" Howlett's backstory, all the same. It was really interesting to discover that Wolverine's first appearance was in The Incredible Hulk.  Seeing these two guys throw down is quite an experience.

I'm having to be honest and say I can't stand Mariko. Definitely not worthy of Wolverine's pining.  I couldn't help comparing this as I read to the most recent Wolverine movie, "The Wolverine," which I love, except for a few aspects. I think I prefer the movie versions of both Mariko and Yukio.  Yukio wasn't bad, but I didn't like how she was so moony over Wolverine. I did like how kickbutt she was and kind of edgy.  All the ninja stuff was cool (as they always are).  I think Wolverine's adventures in Japan shape him in pivotal ways, and I feel that it helps to temper his animalistic nature. 

Wolverine will always stand out as an antihero who is quite heroic. He learns through the School of Hard Knocks how to use his healing factor, formidable strength, and lethal fighting skills, not to mention his adamantium claws to best advantage.

Rereading "Weapon X" brings to mind why Logan is so conflicted as a character. How they deliberately and ruthlessly tortured him to bring out that aspect, and why he will always struggle against it now. And that makes him even more admirable that he can temper his beserker rage to fight with the X-Men and others on the side of justice.

If you're newer to the Marvel Verse, and want to find out the origins of Wolverine, this is worth tracking down.  Just keep in mind that some of the older stories are from a different era, and frankly, like the sophistication of modern graphic novels. However, "Weapon X" is not to be missed by anyone who is intrigued with Wolverine.

3.5/5.0 stars.

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