Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Seductive Revenge by Kim Lawrence

Imagine falling in love with the daughter of the man you hold responsible for your wife's untimely death when you seek her out for revenge. That's what happens in this book. Weirdo that I am, I love the revenge theme in romance novels. This one was done well, and luckily, the hero Josh came to his senses prior to when he and the heroine make love for the first time. Unfortunately he doesn't come clean with her until too late. It's made worse by the fact that Flora has trust issues from her father's downfall from drug addiction, the public exposure and the loss of her fiance when she refuses to turn her back on her father. From that point on, Josh has to win her love and trust again. For a short book, I think that it was well done watching Josh deal with this grief over losing his wife in childbirth, and coming to accept that it was just an accident. He has to deal with issues about having anoteher pregnant wife, for obvious reasons. And he has to convince Flora that he wants her for real, and also the baby that he gets her pregnant with. This book doesn't have as light a tone as most of Lawrence's books. Scenes involving Liam, Josh's little boy, and his twin brother and sister-in-law help to lighten up things. I am pretty sure that I read his brother Jake's story several years ago. Now I need to find another copy of it to read.

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