Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enemy Lover by Bonnie Vanak

I really liked this book. I knew that I would just because of the storyline, as I love heroes in pursuit, and I love characters who are flawed and somewhat antiheroes. The heroine, Jamie, falls in that category. She had infected Damian with a disease in the first book, and was in cahoots with the badguys, the degenerate Morphs, in the first book. But in this book, you realize what her motivations are and can view her sympathetically. I enjoyed Damian's tenderness towards Jamie, and his realization that he mucked up things between them the first time around. I admired his determination to protect her and his refusal on giving up having her as his mate. The characters in this book are well-drawn and real. They have painful pasts and are deeply drawn to each other. That's always appealing to me. Jamie's trust issues are understandable considering the horrors she endured from her family in the past. I was glad she found Damian and became a part of his large, loving family. I liked Damian's adoptive family, Cajun werewolves, who happen to be bikers also. I guess because of my family issues, I am always drawn to stories where characters find a sense of belonging and family, even if they didn't always have this. I enjoyed the first book, although I was a bit uncertain about the mythology and worldbuilding. But I must say I really felt that Ms. Vanak found her stride in this world she created, and made me long to read more books set in the world of the Draicon, and read more books with the characters introduced in Enemy Lover, Damian's adoptive brothers.

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