Sunday, February 01, 2009

January 2009 Reads

1. Blue Moon Rising. Simon R. Green. A++ (Fantasy, Reluctant Hero, Virgin Hero, Quest). Rupert, Julia (futures heroes of Hawk and Fisher series). 1/1/09.
2. Omnibus. Sheri L. McGathy. A. (Fantasy, Short Story Collection, Faery, Origin Stories, Elves, Beauty and the Beast, Dragons). 1/2/09.
3. The Wedding Journey. A++. (Beta Hero, Scottish hero, Military, Doctor, Unrequited Love, Marriage of Convenience, Napoleonic Wars, Journey, Knight in Shining Armor, Traditional Regency.) Jesse, Elinore "Nell." 1/5/09.
4. Never Romance a Rake. Liz Carlyle. A+ (Rake, Embittered, Tortured hero, Tortured heroine, Wager, Marriage of Convenience, Regency, French heroine, Part of a Series.) Kieran, Camille. 1/10/09.
5. No Friend of Mine. Lilian Peake. A. (Vintage Harlequin Presents, Adversarial Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Wallflower, Plain Jane.) Elise, Lester. 1/10/09.
6. Lover Enshrined. JR Ward. A+++ (Addiction, Tortured hero, Survival Guilt, Arranged Marriage, Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Book #6, Paranormal Romance). Phury, Cormia. 1/14/09.
7. In Lands That Never Were: Tales of Sword and Sorcery. A+ (Short Story Collection, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery). 1/18/09.
8. To Have and to Hold. Patricia Gaffney. A++. (Redemption. Victorian, Book 2 of Wyckerley Series, Rake, Falsely Accused/Imprisoned, Mistress, Employer/Employee Romance, Seduction). Rachel, Sebastian. 1/21/09.
9. Shadow Game. Christine Feehan. A+. (Book 1 of Ghost Walkers Series, Fated to be Mated, Psychic/Superpowers, Nerd/Scientist Heroine, Warrior/Military Hero, Paranormal Romance). Lily, Ryland. 1/24/09.
10. Dangerous Touch from One Night With a Rogue. Anne Stuart A++. (Reread, Gunslinger, Widow, Abused, Dangerous Hero, Antihero). Billy, Sara. 1/25/09.
11. Kiss of a Demon King. Kresley Cole. A+++. (Deposed King, Other World/Lands, Demon, Sorceress, Bad Girl Heroine, Knight in Shining Armor Hero, Captive/Kidnapped, Quest/Journey, Paranormal, Fated to be Mated, Hero in Pursuit/Stalkerific hero, Book #7 in Immortals After Dark Series.) Rydstrom, Sabine. 1/29/09.
12. Last Wolf Hunting. Rhyannon Byrd. B-. (Reunited Lovers, Starcrossed Lovers, Werewolf, Witch/Healer, Love Wary. Book #2 in Blood Runners Series, Silhouette Nocturne, Paranormal Romance.) Jeremy, Jillian. 1/29/09.

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