Saturday, February 07, 2009

Second Sight by Amanda Quick

This was an entertaining book, but I think it could have been more enthralling. I felt a connection between Venetia and Gabriel, but I felt that it should have been more intense physically. The love scenes were way too abbreviated considering that Gabriel was a man of strong passions, although he was trying to keep those under control. I think too much focus was placed on the mystery and not enough on the romance. Had this been marketed as a mystery novel, I would have no complaints. But since it was a romance novel, I felt a bit cheated. It was well-written, and loved the Victorian setting with the paranormal elements. I loved the way Gabriel talked, it was very distinctive. I also liked the idea of Venetia being able to see auras and while she was in aura visual mode, how everying was in the negative. That was pretty unique and cool. I just wish that the romance had been better developed, along with the sensuality between Venetia and Gabriel.

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