Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Justice League: Rise and Fall by J.T. Krul (Goodreads Author), Fabrizio Fiorentino (Illustrator)

Justice League: Rise and Fall Justice League: Rise and Fall by J.T. Krul
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a riveting, emotional read. It's heartbreaking what Roy Harper (the first Speedy) goes through. I wish that things were different. That Roy didn't have to go through the grief of losing a child. Unfortunately, he goes on a downward spiral, and he's not alone. Oliver Queen, his mentor (and foster father) goes over the line, seeking vengeance instead of the justice his membership in the League represents.

This book had me feeling very uncomfortable. I have a problem with drug abuse, and it was hard to see Roy going down that road. I could understand the pain he was trying to kill with drugs, but I hated seeing him go down that road. His decision to pursue a more violent personage is iffy as well. The combination is a very scary proposition.

Ollie is a character I just love. I can't explain why. He's very flawed, but he's one of my favorites from the graphic novel series. I felt bad for him for what happens between him and Dinah, but I can understand her reasoning. The writing is complex here, you can feel all the angst and the complicated actions and feelings of characters. I think that this is really good writing for a graphic novel. The writer doesn't take it easy on you. You go through all the pain with the characters, feel their horror, and the impact of the poor and not-so poor decisions they make. You also flinch when you see how they treat each other, for valid or not reasons.

I don't want to revisit Roy's loss head on, but I'm interesting in continuing his story.

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