Sunday, December 07, 2008

November Reads

1, CEO's Marriage Seduction. Anna De Palo. A (Baby wishes, enemies to lovers, marriage by agreement) Silhouette Desire. Eva, Griffin. A. 11/2/08.
2.Pregnant by the Italian Count. Christina Hollis. A-. (Wary hearts, widower, workaholics, pregnant). Harlequin Presents. Giovanni, Kate. 11/2/08.
3.Sale or Return Bride. Sarah Morgan. A+. (Vendetta, Greek, Feud, MOC, Baby). Harlequin Presents. Alesia, Sebastien. 11/4/08.
4.Ice Storm. Anne Stuart. A++. (Enemies to Lovers, Reunited, Spies, Covert Agency, In Disguise, Ice Series, Romantic Suspense). Isobel, Killian. 11/5/08.
5.Surrender. Pamela Clare. A++ (French-Indian Wars, Hero to Die For, Post Culloden, Scottish, Enemies, Warrior, Frontier America, McKinnon's Rangers Series). 11/7/08. Iain, Annie.
6.Dark Desires After Dusk. Kresley Cole. A++. (Demon, Fated to Be Mated, Immortals After Dark Series, Quest, Hidden Agenda, Paranormal Comtemporary). 11/8/08. Cadeon, Holly.
7.Red Skies at Night. Shara Azod. A+. (Novella, Interracial, Navy, Office Affair, E-Book). Brett, Teane. 11/8/08.
8.Hostage to Pleasure. Nalini Singh. A+. (Psy/Changeling Series, Broken/Less Than Perfect, Emotional Suffering, Fated to Be Mated, Evil Twin, Enemies to Lovers, Shapeshifter, Paranormal Contemporary). Dorian, Ashaya. 11/16/08.
9.Cordero's Forced Bride. Kate Walker. B. (Jilted, Abused, Businessman, In Sibling's Shadow). Harlequin Presents. Santos, Alexa. 11/16/08.
10.Desert Prince, Defiant Virgin. Kim Lawrence. A+ (Plain Jane, Misconception, Secret Sister, Seduction, Sheikh, Kidnapping). Harlequin Presents. Tair, Molly. 11/16/08.
11.The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride. Annie West. A+ (Sheikh, Rescued, Marriage of Convenience). Harlequin Presents. Belle, Rafiq. 11/23/08.
12.The Sheikh's Bartered Bride. Lucy Monroe. A (Deception, Seduction, Marriage of Convenience, Arranged Marriage, Low Self-Worth, Awkward). Harlequin Presents. Hakim, Catherine. 11/26/08.
13.The Stone Prince. Gena Showalter. A+ (Alien, Paranormal Romance, Amazonian Heroine, Battle Between the Sexes, Curse, Tortured Hero.) Katie, Jorlan. 11/27/08.
14. The Dream Hunter. Sherrilyn Kenyon. A+ (Greek Myths, Dreams, Bargain, Driven, In Disguise, Quest, Atlantis, Paranormal, Dream Hunter Series.) Arikos, Geary/Megeara. 11/29/08.

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