Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lover Avenged Prep-Pack

Okay I know I haven't posted about how darn much I adore the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by JR Ward, but I do. I am chewing my nails waiting for Rhev's book, even though I haven't read Lover Enshrined and the Compendium book. He is sooo sexy and intriguing to me. I just picture this big, sexy, kinda scary guy who is dressed to the nines. His eyes are amethyst-colored. Yum! He's vulnerable but scary tough. He walks with a cane (plus there). He was so tender to Marissa and supportive. He was so adoring her. He's troubled by his heritage and tortured past. I love how he takes care of his mother and sister and accepted Zsadist as Bella's mate. I am dying here. Can't April get here sooner? So today on the BDB yahoo group, someone had posted what JR Ward says was the prep-pack for the books. Here is what we will need in advance to read this book that I will break down and buy a hardcover for (direct quotes for emphasis):

*Kleenex (everyone who's read him has cried except for two men- but they're not criers)
*Something of amythest color- candle, throw blanket, small stone (you know something to get in the right frame of mind)

*Neck brace (cuz long ass book... going to be there awhile)

*Sustenance (going to leave that to personal choice but suggest something crunchie, something sweet, and a lot of liquid)

*Fan (*blush* what don't look at me like that)

*Kleenex (back up)

*Phone/computer (for the OMG moments so you can reach out and touch others)

*Door (to shut out rest of real world)

*Window (to open and let in cold air in event fan doesn't go far enough)

Thanks to Betsy on the Black Dagger Brotherhood Yahoo group! Alas this has only made my relentless obsession worse. Rhev!!!!! Come to me, my darling!!!

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