Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Tough Man To Tame by Iris Johansen

A Tough Man To Tame (Loveswept, No 481) A Tough Man To Tame by Iris Johansen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Off the beaten path and sensual. I did so love Iris Johansen's Loveswepts. They are toe-curlingly steamy, yet nothing over the top or TMI territory.

Mariana is a serious geek, as in robot-inventing scientist, geeky. Let's here it for the nerdy girls! Louis is melt-your-fingers hot. He's urbane but rawly masculine. What a nice combination. The chemistry between the two is volcanic. I loved how Mariana is the agressor, even though she's quite the novice at it. Really good love scenes! They both have pain and baggage in their past. But together, their love bond provides mutual healing.

The concepts are somewhat paranormal, but it's done in a subtle fashion that I think wouldn't turn off any but hardened non-paranormal readers. I was happy to find out that this was part of the series of books that Ms. Johansen wrote about Sedikhan, although part takes place in France and Canada. I can't believe I missed reading this one back in the day (making note to find the others in this series).

This was a five star book for me because of the great chemistry, emotional intensity of the romance, and the unique, different feel to the storyline. I'm so glad I found this book in the clearance rack. I would have happily paid a lot more for a good read like A Tough Man to Tame.

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