Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress

The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress (Harlequin Presents) The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress by Sandra Marton

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars
Maybe I was in a bad mood when I read this book, because it just annoyed me. Sandra Marton is a good writer, but something about her couple dynamic can grate on me. The hard hero who is a bully towards the sexually and emotionally susceptible heroine. It's a particular issue in this book. First of all, I think I'm bored with the rich, sexy billionaire who has countless beautiful women at his disposal. If I hear the term mistress again, I might stroke out.

I didn't like Salim, even though he finally got a clue. It took a little too long for him to turn around. If you believe someone you cared about and loved, and respected (Even if your small brain is too sexist to admit you like and respect a woman. Even if you're too scared to admit it) could embezzle money from you, then I feel sorry for you. His arrogance, and sense of ownership and entitlement really bugged me. It didn't get him off the hook with me to know he had been in dire straits while his father was fighting to win back his throne. That should have made him more sensitive, but strangely it did not. This is one of those books where I wonder why the heroine was attracted to and fell in love with the hero. Sure he's a sexy billionaire who's good in bed. But he's a sexist jerk. Not really an attractive trait to me.

Although Grace was supposed to be strong and independent, she seemed like a complete pushover who was a slave to her hormones when it came to Salim. Boy, that makes me roll my eyes. She did not come off as strong or capable. She barely could deal with her sleazy boss who was trying to get her into bed. Yes, he would have several broken metacarpals, and I am not the fighting type, if I was her. Her emotional vulnerability made me want to slap her. Crying, crying, crying. Always crying.

I know, this may seem like somewhat standard Harlequin Presents fare, but there are some really good, emotional, well-written books in this line. Unfortunately, this one did not work for me.

Maybe I wasn't in the mood for this book, and I should have waited until I was in a more tolerant frame of mind. I hope this review doesn't sound mean. Nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend this as a sheikh romance. I still like Sandra Marton, but I might take a break from her for a while.

Overall rating: 2.5 out of 5.0 stars

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