Thursday, April 15, 2010

On The Prowl by Briggs, Wilks, and Chance

On the Prowl (Includes: Monère: Children of the Moon, #4; Briggs: Alpha & Omega Prequel; World of the Lupi, #3.5; Dorina Basarab Prequel) On the Prowl by Patricia Briggs

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs
I've actually read Alpha and Omega twice now. It's such a wonderful story. Very short, but that's okay, because we have two full-length stories with one of my supercouples now. I can't describe how much I love this story. I did write a long review which I added under Alpha and Omega separately. I'll just say that Ms. Briggs did an exemplarly job of writing this story that is full of underlying intensity, but written so simply. Charles and Anna are two characters that I found very fascinating. I could feel their chemistry in every interaction. It's romance at its best, wrapped up in a delicious urban fantasy package. Five stars.

Inhuman by Eileen Wilks
This was one of those stories that I find hard to review and to rate. It's a very good story, but the writing was hard to get into. I found there was a distance between me and Kai and Nathan that I had to work very hard to bridge. The remote writing style was the culprit. Having said that, I liked the world that Ms. Wilks built, ripe with magical creatures, and unfortunately, full of prejudice against those gifted with magical abilities. Nathan is a character that I found myself liking very much. He had a lot of integrity. He was a man of self-control, but also a man of intense emotions. Kai was a strong woman with an interesting ability, that she was trying very had to understand. I liked their romance. But, I must admit. The world was the selling point in this story. Rich with Faerie elements, which never fails to appeal to me as a reader. Four stars.

Buying Trouble by Karen Chance
This is my third story by Ms. Chance, I am definitely seeing why she has such a devoted fan base. Her stories are action-packed. The world-building is intricate and rich. Her characters are appealing and likeable. And she is a very funny writer. I was reading this while sitting with my sister in her hospital room, and I kept laughing out loud and gasping as I read it. Ms. Chance managed to pack quite a lot into this story, but it wasn't overloaded. Although I feel that she could use more dialogue in this story, it's hard to find fault with it, because it was so well done. Sexy, appealing, funny characters that I cared about, humorous moments, and no-holds-barred action, what else could I ask for? Oh, and a heavy dose of Faerie! Five stars.

I didn't read the Sunny story because erotic urban fantasy isn't my thing. And skimming made it clear this was very erotic. So, no rating for it.

I'd give this collection five stars just because of Alpha and Omega. But, the Wilks story was enjoyable, and I loved the Chance story, so it makes it a lot easier to give this book a five star rating. If you are urban fantasy fans, and you aren't reading Briggs and Chance, get to it. You're missing out!

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