Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Cowboy and the Lady by Diana Palmer

The Cowboy and the Lady (Famous Firsts) The Cowboy and the Lady by Diana Palmer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Cowboy and the Lady was a pleasure to read for me. I didn't enjoy the last book I read, and it was completely soothing to immerse myself in one of the sweet, yet passionate love stories that Ms. Palmer excels in telling. This book was published in 1982, and that is apparent in some ways, with the clothing details, and descriptions of surroundings, and the more old fashioned morals. However, the pure, essential love story is timeless.

For Palmer fans, this is nothing new. The innocent, very young woman who falls for a man she grew up with, who's quite a bit older than her (ten years), and thinks little of her because of his internal issues with women. When I found out why he hated her mother (and her by default) so much, I was surprised. I have to say that I don't think her mother should have been let off the hook so lightly by Amanda. Amanda had an understanding heart and put herself in her mother's shoes for what her mother did. But, considering the widespread hurt it caused, I would have told my mother I didn't agree with what she did, even if I loved and forgave her. Amanda allowed her mother to continue to be treated as a child, which wasn't fair to herself or her mother, or the people her mother hurt. I had a big issue with blowing off what her mother did, as you can tell.

Jace was the typical, "don't get too close, don't run away" hero for a Diana Palmer book. But, the thing I like about her heroes is that they might be cruel with words, but it's very clear to the reader how crazy in love with the heroines they are. And they usually make up for it. They aren't usually jerky toads for no reason who get off for it with a kiss or a nice romp in bed (like the hero in the last book I read before this one). He was stone cold in love with Amanda, and it was apparent to every one but Amanda. She couldn't look past her own insecurities.

Let's face it, if you don't like young, innocent heroines, you won't like this book. They don't bother me. I like them in a well-told story, so I was fine. And Amanda did show spunk most of the time when it was necessary.

Diana Palmer shows her usual warm, engaging storytelling ease, making reading this book a pleasant, enjoyable experience. The usual mix of fiery passion although with little explicit details, and snappy dialogue and humor was present in this story. It was a good read, no doubt about it. My rating of four stars reflects a comparison to favorites of mine by Ms. Palmer. This was a very good book, but not near my favorite's list. But, all the same, a wonderful read that soothed my frayed nerves. I hope I get to thank her one day for the many hours of reading pleasure she's given me. This book is no exception to that.

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