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She's Got It Bad by Sarah Mayberry

She's Got It Bad (Harlequin Blaze #464) She's Got It Bad by Sarah Mayberry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book made me angry and sad. To think that a woman valued herself so lowly, and did unconventional things to shock others and to make herself feel strong, instead of because that was her personality. I was angry that she let a man control her life so much. In a way she did. When Liam left her, she did something really reckless, that had a permanent effect on her life.

I was mad when Liam decided he needed to save her because she clearly (at least in his way of thinking) needed his help. It struck me as very arrogant on his part. Maybe some good came out of it, but it had me frustrated, like he could look down in judgment on her.

I wasn't too fond of Liam for most of this book. I didn't like his arrogance in thinking he could fix her because she had to be acting out (even if he was right) or his blindness to the fact that he loved Zoe, and that's why couldn't stop meddling in her life. I was annoyed at Zoe for continuing to give him power over her. I didn't like the vulnerability that she showed to him, when he didn't seem like he was willing to do the same for her.

I guess I have an issue with heroines who think they are in charge of their lives because they call the shots sexually. That's really not being in charge, in my opinion. On one hand, I could see why Zoe had developed this attitude after being rejected by men in relationships because of what had happened to her and the consequences for the future. But it didn't make a determination to indulge in casual flings the right decision.

I have mixed feelings about this story. It was good and well-written, but it annoyed me so much, so I can't say I really enjoyed it. I had this pit of pain and rage in my chest as I read it. I'd give it four stars for the fact that I think the writing is good, and I cared about the characters. I came to like Liam eventually, as I realized that he wore a facade just as much as Zoe did. He was really hurt from what his father did to him, and it crippled him emotionally. I felt sorry for him because of that. But he still annoyed me that he feels that he had the right to judge her for her lifestyle, when his was probably the male equivalent.

I'm not a big fan of Blaze novels, because I don't agree with the casual sexuality that is a big part of their typical storylines. According to the world and modern views represented in Blaze and television, movies, etc., it seems like a woman is stronger and more independent if she chooses to have casual sex. I'll never agree with that. So, by and large, I avoid this line of books. I decided to read this one because it received a lot of good reviews for the strong plotline and emotional elements. Also, I do like unconventional and tormented heroines. Zoe was definitely that. I liked that she was tough, and a tattoo artist and a rock music singer. I liked that she was a survivor. However, I hurt for her that she gave herself away so lightly. Although it was made clear that Zoe wasn't easy, and she didn't come off that way, casual flings to me are giving oneself away lightly. She was worth more than that. There were good guys who would treat her right and have a committed relationship with her, despite what she felt she couldn't offer them for the future as far as a family. I don't have an issue with women being sexually loose because I judge them. My issue is more that I feel that each woman is of value and too valuable to throw herself away on a guy who doesn't care enough about her, just for a good time in bed. Yeah, she might enjoy it, and think it's enough for her. But, most of the time, I don't think it is enough. That's my opinion, and what I feel deep inside. I can't put that aside when I read these books, so I usually end up wincing the majority of the time when I read these books. Thus, they tend to be avoided.

Well, I know I'm in the minority, and that's okay. Since my reviews reflect my feelings on what I read, I'm going to be honest. This is just how I feel. In the end, She's Got It Bad was a good book, but a painful read for me.

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