Sunday, March 08, 2009

My February Reading

1. Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress. Lucy Monroe. A-. (Harlequin Presents, Unrequited, Sheikh, Playboy, Office Romance, Pygmalion). 2/1/09.
2. Hot Desert Nights. Lucy Monroe "Mistress to a Sheikh" (Khalil/Jade)/Louise Allen "Desert Rake" (Caroline/Drew)/Kim Lawrence "Blackmailed by a Sheikh" (Karim/Prudence). A (Sheikh, Exotic, Short Stories, Harlequin). Favorite was Kim Lawrence story: Blackmailed by a Sheikh.
3. Marrying Marcus. Laurey Bright. A+. (Silhouette Romance, Unrequited, Friends to Lovers, Marriage). Marcus, Jenna. 2/1/09.
4. A Seduction Revenge. Kim Lawrence. A. (Harlequin Presents, Revenge, Artist, Lawyer, Deception, Traumatized.) Flora, Josh. 2/1/09.
5. The Bride and the Beast. Sue-Ellen Welfonder. A. (Scarred Hero, Tormented heroine, Manaconda, Arranged Marriage, Rape (In past), Medieval, Scotland, New Author). Caterine, Marmaduke. 2/6/09.
Taken by Storm. Marie Rochelle. A+. (Emotional read, interracial, e-book, unrequited, lovewary, dark secret). Syleena, Storm. 2/4/09.
6. Second Sight. Amanda Quick. A-. (Victorian, Mystery, Psychic abilities. Fake Widow, Career Woman/Artist, Book 1 of the Arcane Society.) Venetia, Gabriel. 2/6/09.
7. The Perfect Waltz. Anne Gracie. A+. (Tortured hero, Rags to Riches, Abused, Opposites Attract, Regency, Merridew Family Series, Family). Sebastian, Hope. 2/8/09.
8. Mind Game. Christine Feehan. A+ (Paranormal Romance, Ghostwalkers, Assassin, Sniper, Psychic, Fated-to-Be-Mated, Asian Heroine/Asian/Native American Hero). Nicolas, Dahlia. 2/14/09.
9. Tempt the Devil. Anna Campbell. A+. (Courtesan, Rake, Tormented Heroine. Regency.) Julian, Lord Erith, Olivia. 2/14/09.
10. Summer of the Raven. Sara Craven. A. (Harlequin Presents (Vintage), Deception). Carne, Rowan. 2/14/09.
11. Infatuation. Charlotte Lamb. A. (Harlequin Presents, Unrequited, Plain Jane, Office Romance, Forbidden). Luke, Judith. 2/15/09.
12. The Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress. Lynne Graham. A. (Harlequin Presents, Russian Hero, Mistress, Virgin Widow). Nikolai, Abbey. 2/15/09.
13. The Desert Lord's Baby. Olivia Gates. A+. (Silhouette Desire, Secret Baby, Lovers Reunited, Secret Baby, Infertility, Sheikh, Heir to the Throne). Farooq, Carmen. 2/15/09.
14. The Desert King. Olivia Gates. A++. (Silhouette Desire, Lovers Reunited, Marriage of Convenience, Misunderstanding, Bad Reputation, Sheikh, King, Less than Perfect Heroine.) Aliyah, Kamal. 2/15/09.
15. Night Game. Christine Feehan. A++. (Paranormal Romance , Ghostwalkers, Assassin, Military, Cajun Hero, Kickbutt heroine, Covert Agency, Cancer/Sick.) Gator, Flame. 2/16/09.
16. Conspiracy Game. Christine Feehan. A++. (Paranormal Romance, Navy SEAL, Pregnant, Ghostwalkers, Gamma hero, Military, Fated-To-Be-Mated). Jack, Briony. 2/17/09.
17. Deadly Game. Christine Feehan. A++. (Paranormal Romance, Navy SEAL, Fated-to-be-Mated, Sniper, Scarred hero, Captive/Kidnapped, Gamma hero). Ken, Mari. 2/18/09.
18. Predatory Game. Christine Feehan. (Paranormal Romance, Navy SEAL, Less than Perfect, Fugitive, Friends to Lovers, Fated-to-be-Mated, Assassin, Ghostwalkers). Jesses, Saber. 2/19/09.
19. The Empath. Bonnie Vanak. A-. (Paranormal Romance, Silhouette Nocturne, Werewolf, Draicon Series, Fated-to-be-mated, Animal, Vet, Outsider). Nicolas, Maggie. 2/21/09.
20. Enemy Lover. Bonnie Vanak. A+ (Paranormal Romance, Silhouette Nocturne, Werewolf, Draicon Series, Fated-to-be-Mated, Stalkerific Hero, Enemies to Lovers). Damian, Jamie. 2/22/09.
21. The Earl's Dilemma. Emily May. A. (Harlequin Historicals, Regency, Plain Jane, Bride Hunting, Regency, Tortured hero). James, Kate. 2/21/09.
22. Veiled Truth. Vivi Anna. A. (Silhouette Nocturne, Witch, Dhampir, Demon, Valorian Chronicles, Criminal Investigator). Lyra, Theron. 2/22/09.
23. Turbulent Sea. Christine Feehan. A. (Paranormal Romance, Fated-to-be-Mated, Stalkerific Hero, Antihero, Assasssin, Celebrity, Witch, Drake Sisters, Russian Hero.) Ilya, Jolie. 2/24/09.
24. Pleasure Unbound. Larissa Ione. A. (Paranormal Romance, Demon, Demonica Series Book 1, Antihero, Medical Professional, Covert Agency, Destiny).. Tayla, Eidolon. 2/28/09.

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