Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All Star Western, Vol. 6: End of the Trail by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Staz Johnson (Illustrations)

All Star Western, Vol. 6: End of the TrailAll Star Western, Vol. 6: End of the Trail by Jimmy Palmiotti
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I'm going to miss this series like crazy! I never thought I'd get so sucked into Jonah Hex, but there you have it. Hex is back from the future with his companion Gina, and they end up in a proverbial hornet's nest. Things don't go to well for either of them. Along the way, Hex meets up with a boon companion, Tallulah Black, and they are on the trail of a Jonah Hex imposter who is killing and rampaging across the west. Hex isn't going to take his name getting tarnished lightly.

This is violent western action. Those who are squeamish might want to pass it by. But I submit that it's too good not to read if you like Westerns and antiheroes. Jonah Hex is an honery cuss, but he's the guy you want backing you up again the scum that populated the Old West. The artist is different than the other volumes, but the artwork is just as good. I'm studying perspective in my drawing class, and this book was an excellent example of perspective done right, and how crisp a background it makes in a picture. My teacher said he learned perspective from comic books and I can see what he means. It helped the lightbulb to come on for me.

So all together, I love so much about this series. I will sincerely miss it. We don't get enough Old Western fiction nowadays, so having a good graphic novel series to turn to was a bonus. I hope that sometime soon we see more of Jonah Hex and the other DC Old West characters that have shown up in this series again in the near future.

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