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War of Love by Carole Mortimer

War Of Love (Harlequin Presents, #1727)War Of Love by Carole Mortimer

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Darn those first impressions. They are very hard to overcome. Lyon sees Silke for the first time in a sexy bunny outfit. He immediately starts thinking she's one of those kinds of women. It doesn't help that his aging playboy uncle Hal seems to take a liking to her. Then Lyon gets the impression that Hal plans to marry her. The words "Gold Digger" become a fervent part of his vocabulary when he talks to Silke. But he's gotten it all wrong. Hal doesn't want to marry Silke, he wants to marry her mother, Satin, his lost love. It's easy to get names like Satin and Silke mixed up, especially since Silke is the spitting image of her mother.

Lyon is kind of a jerk for a large part of this book. But I found that I kind of liked him at the same time. He was rather stuffy and reminded me of the characters that Cary Grant, David Niven, and Rock Hudson used to play in the 50s romantic comedies. He had the wrong idea about the heroine, and was slow on the uptake, and it took most of the movie (book in this case) to get a clue. The whole time he's falling head over heels for Silke. Silke gave me the impression of a young Shirley MacLaine in some of those movies. I love those movies, so that gave me a good feeling when I was reading.

I liked Silke. She was feisty and independent, and able to take on this big, bossy guy without flinching. I think that her falling in love with Lyon made it easier for me to like him. And I could totally see why Lyon couldn't resist her. She had that vibrant energy and joy about her that made her very compelling. Lyon was the kind of guy who took everything too seriously, so he needs a woman like Silke. I'm glad he figures that out.

I also liked the fact that Lyon's uncle Hal and Silke's mother Satin play a big role in this book, because I love books about family connections, the wackier the better. Along with the tone, these elements made this a lighter-hearted read, although there were a few more angsty bits. This book reminds me of the sort that Emma Goldrick used to write, which is a nice association, since I loved her books. I was dead tired Saturday night, but I didn't want to put this down and go to sleep. In fact, I ended up finishing it before I went to sleep. It was worth it.

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