Monday, September 05, 2011

A Stormy Spanish Summer by Penny Jordan

A Stormy Spanish Summer (Mills & Boon Modern)A Stormy Spanish Summer by Penny Jordan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Penny Jordan was one of my all time favorite HP authors for many years. But something happened. I guess her books lost that emotional depth that attracted me. I have liked some of her recent reads, but I haven't loved any. But this book is the first in a long time that I felt that pull from. I admit she's not for everyone. She has the very angst-ridden, emotionally-tortured heroines who live in their pasts way too much. If you like Penny Jordan, then you're prepared for that going in.

There was something about this book that appealed to me. I think at lot of it was the luscious descriptions of Spain. They added beautifully to the atmosphere in this book. I think that although I didn't like the way that Vidal was holding a misconception against Felicity, he was a decent guy, and he was as misunderstood by Felicity as she was by him. The love affair between Felicity's parents was very tragic and it added to the angst component in this book. It made me hope that things would turn out okay between Vidal and Felicity. They were both decent folks and were caught in a situation that started way before they could assume personal culpability, and they deserved to fall in love and be happy in a way that Felicity's parents couldn't be.

The passion and love scenes were very well-done. Yes, there was a lot of the tortured inner dialogue and longing aspects in this story, but they didn't bother me (actually I like that, depending on the execution). I felt the fire and the longing intensity between this couple, so I was hoping that nature would take its course and it did.

This is going to be one of those 'feeling' ratings/reviews. To sum up, there was little I didn't like about this book. No reason to rate it poorly, even if it wasn't five stars. The book felt right. It met my inner qualifications for a good Harlequin Presents read. So four stars it is.

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