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Not Forgiven, Never Forgotten by Elizabeth Power

Not Forgiven, Never ForgottenNot Forgiven, Never Forgotten by Elizabeth Power

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Grace met Seth eight years ago, she was a different person. She was shallow and spoiled, and immature. It caused her to treat him cruelly, and unbeknownst to her, her grandfather got him fired. When they meet again in the present, it's clear that Seth is still holding a grudge. He buys up the controlling shares in her family's company from her grandfather's young trophy widow and Grace's ex-fiance'. So now Seth is her boss, and he wants her back in his bed. Is it just about revenge, or are the flames of passion still burning just as brightly as they did for their brief time together in the past?

I liked that Grace had come to realize that she didn't want to be the same girl she'd once been. She'd learned a lesson about what was important after the tremendous loss she'd suffered. Now she was realizing that she still loved Seth. When their passion leads to a pregnancy, they end up getting married, but can Seth love her the way she yearns to be loved by him?

This is a good Harlequin Presents. It has all the passion, drama, and angst I like in these books. I also appreciated Seth's viewpoint. He didn't always approach Grace the way I would hope, but I could understand his issues with her. At the end of the day, he was a good man, and his actions showed that he was crazy about Grace, although she couldn't see the forest for the trees. Although life had pulled them apart and in different directions, and he was angry at the way she'd dismissed him in the past, I think that he was motivated down deep by his desire to get her back, because he never got over her.

There was a poignancy in the losses that Grace suffered, losses that helped to mature her and to encourage her to get her priorities right. I think that as a mature woman, she had a lot to offer, and I can't hold what she did at eighteen against her. The same goes for Seth at twenty-two. We all make bad choices when we are young, and hopefully have the opportunity to learn from them as Grace and Seth did. I'm just glad that these two fated lovers got a second chance together. A chance to be in love, and to have a family together, which was denied the first time around.

I really liked this book, despite the sniping and back-biting between Grace and Seth initially.

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