Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Marry a Sheikh by Day Leclaire

To Marry A Sheikh (Harlequin Romance No. 3623) To Marry A Sheikh by Day Leclaire

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This was a short but emotional read. I liked the infusion of customs from the heritage of the hero, and how initially Zara gives him gifts, and he then turns around and reciprocates. There was a deep bond between them that started when they first met and continued to intensify with each interaction. The relationship between the two was quite intense and passionate for a Harlequin Romance, another thing I liked about the book. Also the subject matter was fairly risque, a cousin gifting another cousin with a woman. I was never 100% sure if he meant for the woman to be a concubine or a dancer or something. It was never explained. But since it brought Zara and Haidar together, I can't complain. Nice quick read.

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