Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan

Dark Challenge (Carpathians, #5) Dark Challenge by Christine Feehan

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rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
These Carpathian books are really addictive. Julian was totally yummy. He was living large and in control. I thought Desari was a great match for him. She was an ancient too, and wasn't about to fall for the 'little girl' stuff. She actually gave him a reality check and he listened and appreciated her. They had a relationship of give and take, supporting each other.

I really loved the musical aspects in this story, how Desari could use her voice as a tool for helping the animals and others, and also to fight the vampires. I liked that each of the characters has a special gift. Syndil's gift was really cool. Feehan really has a great imagination!

At first Desari is a bit reluctant, but feels the pull. How could she resist Julian? This book really turns the page where you can see the progression in Feehan's writing. It's smooth and shows her skill. She uses words to tell a story with the detail of a beautiful painting. There are dark moments and you can feel the menace and smell the evil. There are also moments of cameraderi and affection between Desari and her family and Julian.

This book has two alpha males (well more if you count Barack and Dayan), but there aren't too many. I liked the interactions between Julian and Darius. There was mutual respect and acknowledgement of the power of the other in there interactions. I really liked the side story with Syndil and Barack. I hope that there is a story that gives them a HEA.

This book is really almost a five star. It's so hard for me because I love the Ghostwalkers so much that I can't help but elevate them to the Carpathians so far. But good writing is good writing. Long live the Carpathians!

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