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Burning Wild by Christine Feehan

Burning Wild (Leopard Series, #3) Burning Wild by Christine Feehan

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Okay, Jake's parents did everything they could to make him into a serial killer. Thank God he was too strong for that. Jake was an intense guy who had a facade of not caring about anything and being out for himself. But truly that wasn't who he was. He was a dangerous and ruthless man, but he had the capacity for devotion and love. Thankfully he met Emma and she brought that out in him.

This was a really intense book. I truly enjoyed it and had trouble putting it down. I was reading it every chance I could. Like all of the Feehan books I've read, this one packs a wallop. The love scenes were fiery. I was holding my breath out of fear that they would be more than I could handle, but they were not. Some sensitive readers might have a few moments of breath holding, but as a reader who does not like erotica in her romances, I was fine.

Jake and Emma really are a great match. At first glance, it might seem that Emma is too gentle for a hard-edged man like Jake, but she really complements him. And she has inner steel behind the sweet, homemaking facade. Jake is one of my favorite kinds of heroes, ones on the edge that find their salvation in being loved and in loving. He was very dominant but he didn't go over the top with it, like some characters can do. I think it's because despite his dominance and his rough-edges, he knew how to protect and care for those that were in his care and who mattered to him. I loved how he tended to collect stray people who had been hurt and damaged by life. Aww! How could I not love him?

The violence is inherent in this storyline about a man/leopard who was raised by evil, cruel parents, and lives in a world where betrayal is always lurking. But it was tasteful and not over the top. The climax is electrifying and keeps you on the edge of the seat. You feel like you are right there in the midst of the action.

As usual, Feehan introduces you to secondary characters that you want to read more about, such as Drake, Conner, Joshua, Evan, and Susan. I hope that we get to see them find their happy ending.

As a lover of shapeshifter books, I am glad I have another really good one to add to my keeper list. Unusual and intriguing, and thoroughly enjoyable, I found this book irresistible and worth the time and energy I spent reading it.

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