Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diamond in the Rough by Diana Palmer

Diamond In The Rough (Harlequin Romance) Diamond In The Rough by Diana Palmer

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This was a fun, sweet read by one of my favorite authors. John is probably one of the nicest heroes that Diana Palmer has ever written. Yes he did pretend to be a modest cowboy, but you can't hold that against him, considering his past. From the beginning, he reaches out and helps Sassy with no underlying motives. He sees the good and the beauty in a small-town, simple girl who has sacrificed everything for her sick mother and adopted sister.

Although I love her writing, and don't have any issues with it, some readers find Palmer's stories to be formulaic. If that is the case, they would probably enjoy this story because of its freshness. Also for the fact that John is not like her typical heroes, fighting falling in love with Sassy. He has a moment or two of apprehension as he realizes he is getting in deep, but surrenders fairly quickly to the knowledge that he is in love with Sassy and wants to spend the rest of their life together.

The ending of this book reads like a fairy tale comes true, the downtrodden princess gets her happy ever after with the handsome rich prince, and all ends well. But isn't that why we read romance novels? At any rate, I couldn't help smiling as the last pages of this book went by my eyes.

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