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Dark Magic by Christine Feehan

Dark Magic (Carpathians, #4) Dark Magic by Christine Feehan

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Imagine waiting long centuries for your mate, on the very edge of madness. That is the fate of Gregori. I really loved his character. I loved that he was an incredible hero but also a destroyer of their enemy, the Carpathians that lose their soul and become evil, soulless killers. Gregori might be too much for some romance fans. He is an intense guy and he is obsessed with Savannah in a way that might be scary in a real live guy. But it worked for this book. If you don't like uber-possessive, aka stalkerific heroes, you won't like Gregori. I do so I was cool with him. The Carpathians live in a different reality where the rules of real life man and women interactions don't apply. You have to leave those expectations at the door when you read this book. Provided you have done that, I think you could handle Gregori.

Again, Feehan's storytelling seduced me. She does tend to use the same phrases a lot. Another Goodreads friend aptly coined them 'Feehanisms.' She is so right. Despite that, I can't get enough of her writing. The Carpathians take the vampire story in a different direction that utterly compelling and unforgettable. I was so glad to read Gregori's story after meeting him in Dark Desire. The good news is I get introduced to even more yummy, intense men in these books.

I liked Savannah. She was independent, intelligent, but also loving. She fought the lifemate bond initially, but then she came to realize that she was just as compelled to love Gregori, and she helped him get over his guilt about 'manipulating their connection' while she was in the womb. I really liked the communication Gregori had with Savannah when he saved her and her mother Raven's life. It made me want to read their book.

Okay I know Gregori is ages older than Savannah, but it really wasn't creepy. It felt right. I am a sucker for the idea of a love that is destined, so it really appealed to me that Gregori had waited so long for Savannah.

Again, the action is fierce and the violence is not shied away from. But if you like a good supernatural adventure book, you will love this book. Also it's paired with a fantastic love story. I'd really like to give this book.

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