Monday, August 15, 2016

Rugged Glory (Second Chance at Love, No 370)Rugged Glory by Cait Logan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An oldie but goodie with a cowboy who lives up to the rugged mantle. I love a good opposites attract romance. In this book, you have a cultured, intelligent school teacher from the city and an older, former rodeo man who is rich but still lives a simple life as a cowboy. Ben is definitely my cowboy book type. He's a bit grumpy and grumbly, but I can handle that. Long, tall, and fierce. He's met his match in Sami, a tiny, proper schoolteacher, that he hires to tutor his son so he can get his GED. Sami knows that she's taking a risk agreeing to work for Ben, a man who makes her feel things she wanted to forget, and in some ways reminds her of her big, brutal father. But the more she gets to know Ben, she realizes that he's the type to cherish a woman, never harm her. I love a hero in pursuit. My favorite kind. And Sami leads him a merry chase. He's really a romantic guy in his rough way.

This has plenty of atmosphere and although it's not that descriptive, the romance is steamy. It's a blast from the past as far as descriptions of clothing. I find that a bit amusing, even though I definitely don't miss the 80s fashions. I'm glad I listened to the urge to read this. It was a good little romance.

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