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Macrieve by Kresley Cole

MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #14)MacRieve by Kresley Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MacRieve follows up the story arc of the Order and in a huge way. I loved how Cole ties things together. Who would have thunk the Lore community would be so connected.

MacRieve might be one of the most tortured IAD heroes. His experiences as a preteen damaged him severely and as such, he has no hope of finding his mate or for his matehood to be normal. And it also gave him a violent hatred for succubi, which is going to be a problem. When he hears that there is a young woman that everyone wants because she's Webb's daughter (the leader of the Order-a group of humans who are out to exterminate all the Loreans), he shows up to get revenge on his enemy, and isn't above using his daughter, and recognizes his mate. That's not the beginning of a happy ever after. No there is a lot of pain ahead.

At times, MacRieve was a real mean bastard. I had to remind myself how damaged his was from his youthful experiences with a succubus. It didn't condone the way he treats Chloe, but it does give me understanding into why he was behaving that way. I did like how beautifully he changes and convincingly loves Chloe. I just wish he had done so a little sooner.

I loved Chloe. This is one of those instances where the heroine makes the book. She was awesome. I don't know much about Soccer, but she made me look up some women soccer players. I liked that she was very focused on her soccer and was fearless on the field despite her small size. That determination served her in good stead in her experiences with MacRieve.

I did also love hanging out with the New Orleans compound Lykae, including MacRieve, his brother Munro and the two young Lykae they are fostering until they get control of their wolves. I gained a lot more insight into the world of the Lykae with this book, and it was enlightening and fun. The world has gotten bigger with each book, and I find it more fascinating the more I learn about the Lore.

I wasn't really that interested in MacRieve before I read this book, but i could hardly put it down. MacRieve did win me over, but I think I loved Chloe even more than I loved him. I'm glad that he found his mate and that they realized how much they loved each other. I'm verra curious to see what will happen with Munro and his mate.

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