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Mind Game by Christine Feehan

Mind Game (GhostWalkers, #2)Mind Game by Christine Feehan
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Reread in the Month of July, 2016 (Buddy Read with Lacy--she's still on the first book. :)

My thoughts:

I love Dahlia and Nicolas together. They fit together. Both of them so isolated from others and yearning for connection and significance. Dahlia is feisty and doesn't take crap. She can handle a tough, scary guy like Nicolas. He fell like a ton of bricks, which is how I love my heroes. The action was on point as usual, and the romance was luscious. I love the scene where Dahlia calls Nicolas on staring at her breasts (because of the psychic connection, she could feel it). That as priceless.

I just fall more and more in love with these books. Each reread is a new horizon in my discovery and love for them.

****Thoughts on Reread from May 10-May 13, 2012

I was very intrigued with Nico from Shadow Game, for his dark, lethally dangerous, very controlled aura, and how he seemed to fade into the shadows. I thought he'd make for a very good hero in his own book. His story lived up to his potential, both the first and second times.


I like his controlled, ice cool persona, but also how Dahlia penetrates through his icy facade when no one else does. I also liked how he was very smitten with her early on and wanted to find a way for them to be together. He was protective and caring for her, but he realized that Dahlia was an independent woman, and he respected that about her. Even though she was going to go do her job, he was waiting for her in the shadows, there to protect her. I saw growth in his character from Shadow Game, or at least an expansion of his dimensions. He isn't or will ever be gregarious, but I was able to see how important Dahlia, the GhostWalkers, and Lily are to him. I also appreciated his dual background as Lakota and Japanese. I very much appreciate Asian main characters, and Nico whets my appetite for more!


Dahlia is tough as nails. Despite her considerable disabilities, she manages to live a productive life. I certainly wouldn't want her abilities, with the horrible cost that comes with them. I can see why she feared she couldn't have a future with Nicolas, but I was very glad that they were able to work it out. Nico wasn't going to give up on her, and she needed someone to believe in after what Whitney had done to her, and the half-life she'd been living. I like that she also has depth as a character. Not a stereotype, but a full-fledged person. She's beautiful and delicate in her looks, but highly agile, and very strong for what she's dealt with her in life. I like that she doesn't back down from a challenge, and can handle a somewhat commanding man like Nico. I was very glad to revisit her character, and I hope she shows up again in Sam's book.

Overall Thoughts--

Great sexual chemistry, and otherwise. I loved the interchanges between Nico and Dahlia, and between them and the other characters. I loved how the GWs world expands with the introduction of Jesse Calhoun and his team of Navy SEALs. This is the book where we get introduced to the Norton twins, and they build expectations that they live up to very well. Some of the suspense elements were a bit hard to follow, but interesting all the same. I liked this book even more on reread, maybe because I had more time to focus on it when I read it the first time.

Next is Night Game with the smooth-talker Gator and his Flame. Looking forward to it!

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Original Review

I was so excited to read Nicolas' story when I met him in Shadow Game. And I was not disappointed. He was a great hero. I loved his ability to stay in control, but also the fact that one person, Dahlia made his ice cold blood turn molten. He can't seem to understand why this one little woman is the person who can turn his brain into mush and light his body on fire, when he is known for his ability to do what needs to be done without letting emotions get into the way. This is why he takes on the mission to bring in Dahlia when she is known to be a potentially dangerous loose cannon from Dr. Whitney's group of young girls he experimented on.

I thought that the chemistry and the connection between Nicolas and Dahlia was classic. They are a perfect couple and the scenes of them interacting were memorable and delightful, and not just the love scenes, which were pretty incendiary, if you ask me. This book had a lot more action and intrigue than Shadow Game, and Dahlia is a lot more tortured than Lily was. I felt sorry for Dahlia to be so affected by other people's emotions that they made her sick or made her manifest the excess energy as fire. Her situation is a tough one, but Nicolas is there to help her and protect her every step of the way, and he stakes his claim early on and isn't about to let anything take her away from him. You start the book wondering how this couple can get the happy ending that you crave, but you don't end this book disappointed. I was quite impressed with Ms. Feehan's imagination. I have read and watched books with people who are psychically gifted, but the direction that she took with the subject matter was different and exciting.

Mind Game was the kind of book that was hard to put down, and also makes you eager for more stories about the GhostWalkers. Meeting all these delicious, dangerous men is like getting invited to an All Books One Cent sale (or chocolate, whatever your addiction is). And we get introduced to even more GhostWalkers who are just as yummy, such as Jess Calhoun, and the Norton Twins. Can't wait to read their stories. Oh, wait, I do have other books I have to read that aren't Ghost Walkers books. But at least I can look forward to more Ghost Walker books with anticipation. Again I enjoyed the camaraderie between the Ghost Walkers and their gentle care and adoption of Dahlia, who has always felt like an outsider, and has lost the little family that she ever had. I really enjoyed this book, and finished it knowing that I am thoroughly addicted to the Ghost Walker series.

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