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Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9)Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a long break from this series, I'm glad I'm back. I missed this world!  I put this one off because I wasn't too enamored with Mercy, another dominant female changeling, and I wasn't looking forward to more of the same irritation.  Fortunately, Indigo isn't like Mercy in that sense.  However, the dominance issue seems even more troublesome with the wolves. I guess that make sense, for wolf pack dynamics are very crucial.  Cats don't have quite the same rigid social structure. 

I liked this book a lot. I didn't love it. I guess I just didn't feel as compelled by Indigo and Drew's love story as I've felt in the past.  I freely admit that I am a big fan of the Psy storyline, and when it's two Changeling leads, it's not as much fun. Not as much contrast, and inherent tension in the pairing. Not to say that Indigo and Drew's story didn't have tension, because it does.  Both emotional and sexual.

I didn't know much about Drew, and I was pleasantly surprised with the complexity of his character. His identity and the result that it has on his place in the pack reminded me of the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs. I'm not sure if you could directly call Drew an Omega, and probably Singh avoids doing so because of the inherent comparison. However, I think he probably is an Omega, in that he doesn't have to respond in the same way to a dominant pack member. Of course he recognizes the Alpha and respects dominants, but he has more independence.  I guess you can see I did like the insight into pack dynamics that this book delivers.  Being very interested in that when it comes to stories, I appreciated it.

One thing I wasn't as comfortable with was all the 'in your face' about the fact that both Andrew and Indigo had people they had been sexually involved with still in their lives.  I think I am way too possessive a person to be 'cool' with that.  In a way, it was good that they had to just get over it and focus on the now.  I like to think I would be a big enough person to do that if I was presented with a similar situation in real life. Not sure though.

As far as the ongoing Psy storyline, I feel that got shortchanged. There was some progression, but it seemed less expansive than I had hoped. Maybe I was wanting more because I was less invested in Indigo and Andrew's love story...It could also be because Kaleb doesn't show up in this book the way I wished.  Or some of the other Psy I am crushing on.  Admittedly, it was cool seeing more of Judd, because I love him.

So, yes, this was a very good book. But it wasn't as good to me as some of the Psy books. I did respect Indigo and I liked her. I could see the issues she faced as a tough female. It's hard for females who fail to fit certain expectations of gender, and when they meet men who they fall in love with.  That man has to get who they are and respect them for who they are.  I can honestly say that Drew is the right guy for her.  As far as Drew, I think Indigo grew to appreciate and understand what a complex guy Drew was, easygoing by effort.  A deep ocean who pretends to be a still pond. People tended to underestimate him and that could lead to some real hurt. I'm glad that she was man enough to embrace the whole of Drew.

Yeah, this was a a solid four star book, but not a five star read for me.  That's a shame.  Let me tell you, I am so excited to finally read Hawke's book. He has the heroine I was hoping for too!

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