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Dearest Traitor by Patricia Wilson

Dearest Traitor (Harlequin Presents, No 1685)Dearest Traitor by Patricia Wilson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I admit the last ten pages is what bumped this up to a four star book.  I didn't like how everyone seemed to patronize Georgina.  I hate when people patronize you.  I think that's the problem you run into when you grow up with people. They are used to seeing you a certain way, and their vantage point doesn't necessarily change unless circumstances or you force it to. And even if you try to change their perceptions, they just view you as acting out or being strange.  I think that was the case with Georgia.

Honestly, I was wishing she didn't feel so strongly for Steven. It was like he had power over her. I don't like that feeling either.  I wasn't loving him until towards the end, when I did see how much her feelings were reciprocated.  I almost think this could have been a better book if Georgina had gone away for a few years and came back more mature.  I would have loved to see Steven do some pining.  As it stood, I feel like he viewed Georgina as a sure thing. Kind of like some chocolate you put away for when you really want it.  You go about your typical activities, smiling smugly because you know it's there waiting for you. Maybe that's uncharitable on my part.  Or course, Georgina's antics don't' always make things easy for Steven. Even though it seemed like he always had the upper hand, she made his life a lot more complicated. But I say he deserved to be put through his paces.

So yeah, I admit. I'm a sucker for a good declaration of love.  And I love a possessive hero.  Steven's actions and declarations at the end saved the book for me.  So four stars.

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sunflower said...

hi danielle, i'm not very good in english but i'll try to write anyway. i agree with you to a certain point. what you say to "feel" or "think" about steven is totally declarated at the end of the book. steven IS totally sure of georgie up the beginning...i feel the same about georgina's actitudes. the book -which is by the way my favourite of all times..i've read it hundreds of times through the years- would be lot funnier if georgina could be a little colder with his hero. but that's it, and i consider this a limit of the writer. georgina's personality is not so well-defined, not so accurate. The real protagonist is Steven,with his complexity,his mixture of passion and rigour. who knows if the writer made reference to someone real, or only to her dreams? :)