Friday, January 25, 2013

Expecting the Boss's Baby by Leanne Banks

Expecting the Boss's Baby  (Silhouette Desire, #1338)Expecting the Boss's Baby by Leanne Banks

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I was rearranging my books and came across this one. It caught my eye.  So I ended up reading it. This was a very good story.  I actually liked both characters.  Michael was a man who had lost his mother at a young age, and ended up in the foster system, eventually at The Granger Home for Boys.  Because of that loss, he had determined never to fall in love or give his heart away.  For three long years, he fought feelings for his secretary, Kate, until they had too much champagne, and shared a night of passion. The next morning, he apologized and told her he wanted things to be just business.  Kate never got over that night, because she'd fallen in love with Michael.  She knew it was a risky thing to do, but the heart doesn't listen to logic. When she reveals her pregnancy, Michael has to campaign for her to marry him, to make sure that his child has a family and a secure future that he didn't have.  But that alone isn't enough. He finds that he wants his very wary wife's heart and a chance at a real family.

This was a very good book. Banks thoroughly involves me in this relationship between Michael and Kate.  This book is both emotional and sensual.  I loved seeing their hearts open up to each other and connect on deep levels. I liked that Kate doesn't settle for just part of Michael, because she shows him that he can have more if he does take a chance.  Category romance is such a neat way to get a lovely romance that you can read in under two hours, but get the full exposure, albeit in brief form.  I like marriage and baby books, and with a hero who acts tough and detached, but really is a sweetheart, plus a heroine who is very lovable, what more can you ask for with this book?

I plan to read the other two books about Michael's best buds, who were also in the Boys' Home,
Millionaire Husband and The Millionaire's Secret Wish

Overall rating:  4.5/5.0 stars.

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