Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bought For The Marriage Bed by Melanie Milburne

Bought For The Marriage BedBought For The Marriage Bed by Melanie Milburne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was a bad move to pick book up this past 3 am this morning when I knew I had to go to bed and get up semi-early.  'Cause I got sucked in, big time!  I don't normally like when the hero or heroine lies to each other or puts on a charade, but there is something about the twin storyline that gets you. Especially when one twin is 'bad' and the other twin is 'good', and they take over each others' lives.  In this case, Nina was the good girl.  I loved her.  Her caring heart and devotion to her young niece Georgia won me over on the first page. Which is why I couldn't put this down this morning.  I also liked that she was sassy with the hero. She was no wilting female.   She was a tough and loving woman of very strong principles. While it wasn't really wise how she played along to Marc's sexist prejudices about women, it was actually kind of cool that Marc fell in love with her, even with her so-called notorious life.  I think that there was a real connection between Marc and Nina, that overcame all those obstacles between them. Heck, that is why I am a bonafide romance novel fan. I love seeing love overcome all kinds of obstacles.  And Georgia was such a sweet little baby. 

I think it was interesting that Nadia truly was a bad seed. I mean bad! Oh my, the things she was up to were kind of eye-opening. And so soon after having a baby! It was also interesting to see how twins with the same start in life could go in such different directions. I also appreciated the contrasting or comparing dynamic between Nina and her sister, and Marc and his brother. I felt for Marc that he had been forced to shoulder the burden for so many things that went wrong in his family. He did use some terms I hate for a man to use for a woman, but other than that, he was a good guy.  I liked how he stood up to his father for Nina.  I think a man should definitely demand that his father show respect for his wife. 

Despite reading a few books I enjoyed by her, I haven't been a huge fan of this author in the past, but I think I will have to reevaluate that.  This is the second book in a few days I read by her and really liked. She definitely writes intense and emotional books. And unlike the one star book I read by her, I really liked Nina and the heroine in the last book I read. They are well-developed, complex heroines. That's what I like in a book, when the hero and heroine can meet on equal terms, even if their lives and paths have been so different.

So, even though I ended up with a sleep-deprived hangover, it was kind of worth it for this book.   Definitely a well-earned four stars!

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