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Hex and the City by Simon R. Green

Hex and the City (Nightside, #4)Hex and the City by Simon R. Green

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm writing this review like a letter from a huge fan to the author who wrote this book I loved.

Dear Mr. Green:

Can I be honest and say that you have a very twisted imagination, and I love you for it? Yet again, I found myself horrified, creeped out, laughing like crazy, and going "Aww, that's so sweet," all in the same book. How do you do it?

I love the way you put interesting legends of all sorts, and folklore in your stories. If I wasn't afraid for my life, I think the Nightside would be on interesting place to visit. Since I'm too cowardly to actually go there for real, I am glad I can read your books.

I do love John Taylor. What a rascal. His sense of humor is fantastic. I like that he is able to bluff his way out of some nasty situations. I like that he's a decent person, although he hardly sees himself that way. I feel bad for the guy, in light of who his mother is, and the fact that people want him dead because of his mother. I admit, I'm crushing on him.

As for Mommy Dearest, I can't say I like her too much. I did think it was fantastic what her true origin was. Very cool. I worry for the future when she comes back. I forsee some family feuding. By the way, I loved the flashback about how her and John's dad met.

I have to admit that I missed Shotgun Suzie and Razor Eddie, although Madman, Sinner, and Pretty Poison made some very interesting companions to John. They came in handy. I loved the romance between Sinner and Pretty Poison. It was kind of sweet, and profound, in a way that always gets to me. True Love, and all that. Mr. Green, I think you must be a very sweet guy in real life. Okay, I won't get too mushy here.

There's too much to go into for this letter. There was a lot going on. And I loved it all. Each scene was intensely visual, rich, and interesting as I read. Sometimes, I did wince a bit, since you're not afraid to go for the grue. But, your humor makes up for it.

Mr. Green, I want to thank you for writing the Nightside series. It's so very good. Just the right mix of lore and legend, humor, and scary moments, with a hero I just adore. I will be very sad when this series ends. Until then, I will eat these books up, and your other novels, as well.

Your devoted fan,


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E.J. Stevens said...

Love your letter style review. I can't wait to read Hex and the City. Great review! :)
From the Shadows

Danielle said...

Thanks, EJ!