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The Wrong Mirror by Emma Darcy

The Wrong Mirror (Harlequin Presents 1020) The Wrong Mirror by Emma Darcy

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Oh, these vintage Harlequin Presents sure do have the power to tug on my heartstrings. The Wrong Mirror is no different. What a complicated situation to be the mirror image twin sister of a woman who denies a man the right to know his son. Karen has reason to hate Hal. She thinks that he told her sister to abort their child, which she adopts from her sister, Kirsty. Kirsty dies in a terrorist bombing that gravely wounds Hal, and Karen knows when it's happening, through her bond with her sister. When Hal's father appeals to her to allow Hal to see his son on what could be his deathbed, she is not able to say no. When they meet, there is a powerful confrontation, her angry at how he hurt her sister, and he angry at being denied his child. His desire for revenge empowers his recovery. And when he does recover and comes back to Australia, not much time goes by before he comes to her house, and gives her an ultimatum. She has to marry him, or lose custody of her son, since the adoption wasn't legal without his signature.

Karen marries Hal to keep her son, his son. But their marriage is full of passion from the beginning. Soon, Karen is in love with Hal, although she feels that she'll always be second best to him, since she's not Kirsty. How little does she know how complicated Hal's relationship with Kirsty was, and the torment that Hal has because of that relationship.

This was a powerful read. There is a lot of angst in this situation, with Karen losing her twin, Hal being there at her death, and his pain at being denied his son, and dealing with the emotional torment of being involved with Kirsty. I was very glad that this book came highly recommended by a friend on Goodreads, encouraging me to hunt down a copy of this book. The twin aspects were pretty interesting, and they tied heavily into this story. The title of this story is very crucial to the plot, and in a fascinating manner. The Wrong Mirror is an oldie but goodie, well worth seeking out.

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