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Secret Baby, Convenient Wife by Kim Lawrence

Secret Baby, Convenient Wife (Harlequin Presents) Secret Baby, Convenient Wife by Kim Lawrence

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a cute, quick read. Dervla and Gianfranco are married when the book starts, and their fast courtship is told in flashbacks. Dervla has the usual inferiority complex of the ordinary heroine who can't understand why the Italian God has fallen for her. Especially since she cannot conceive, although Gianfranco doesn't want any other kids anyway. She meets him when his son and he comes into the emergency room at the hospital where she works as a nurse. Initially, Gianfranco is arrogant and biting to her. But, under the worry for his son, is a strong attraction for the sweet, kind, redheaded nurse who cares for his son. He doesn't take long to sweep her up in his clutches, offering marriage when she refuses to be his mistress.

One year into the marriage, Dervla has read about a fertility treatment that might be able to help her to have kids. When she approaches Gianfranco, he says no. She thinks it's because he doesn't love her enough to want kids with her. That he doesn't love her at all. But the truth is, he feels guilt about persuading his first wife, who he impregnated as a naive nineteen year old, not to have an abortion and to marry him. When she dies due to diabetes complications as a result of her pregnancy, he decides that getting a woman pregnant is too much of a risk. He marries Dervla, making it clear that he doesn't want any other children.

Gianfranco is a typical HP hero, although his inability to understand how in love he is with his wife, is endearing, and inspires tender feelings in me as a reader. I wish he was able to communicate his feelings better, but Dervla could have used help with that as well. They both have some lessons to learn, as the miracle of their love brings them closer together and heals past wounds, along with some help from his matchmaking thirteen year old son.

Kim Lawrence is one of my favorite HP writers, because of the feel-good elements in her stories. This one definitely gave me that happy vibe. Recommended.

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