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Blackmailed Into Marriage by Lucy Monroe

Blackmailed Into Marriage (Harlequin Presents) Blackmailed Into Marriage by Lucy Monroe

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Lia suffers from a secret shame that has stolen her womanhood, and made her unable to enjoy sexual intimacy. It destroyed her marriage, because her husband couldn't stand not being able to make love to his wife. All Lia has left is her beloved daughter, whose heart condition, could shorten or end her life. She swallows her pride, and asks her grandfather, a proud, Spaniard noble, for the money to pay for her daughter's surgery. He gives her an ultimatum, she can marry the man he's selected for her, Damon Marquez.

Lia is inexplicably attracted to Damon, despite her sexual intimacy issue. When she finds out that she's been bartered to him by marriage, she has no choice but to go through with the marriage, sure that he'll walk away from her, as her first husband did. But she's underestimated Damon.

Damon has wanted Lia for a long time, since she was a young woman. When he gets his chance to have her, he grabs at it with both hands. She's so passionate and beautiful, how could he not take her in marriage. When Lia tells him that she cannot be intimate with her, he is determined to find away around her painful medical issue. Damon was a really good hero. He was so tender and patient with Lia, willing to put her needs first, and refusing to let her turn her back on her womanhood.

I thought Ms. Monroe did a good job of touching on a medical condition that most people probably have little knowledge of, vagnisimus. This condition causes painful tightening of the vagina, which makes sex difficult to impossible for those who suffer from it. Lia thought it was her fault, and her doctor and husband certainly didn't help her to feel differently. But Damon is able to help her to claim back her sexuality. In the process, he claims her love.

Blackmailed Into Marriage was an interesting story, with a great hero, and a heroine in need of healing, in more ways than one.

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