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Her Torrid, Temporary Marriage by Sara Orwig

Her Torrid Temporary Marriage (Harlequin Desire, No 1125) Her Torrid Temporary Marriage by Sara Orwig

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
What's a man to do when he can't keep a nanny who doesn't want to seduce her way into his bed? Well, marry his neighbor, that's what. Josh is a grieving widower with a young daughter who needs stability, and he's got a ranch to run. He's pulling his hair out. And then he considers his steadfast, capable neighbor, Mattie. She's running her father's ranch and doing a fantastic job at it. How about approaching her with a marriage proposition, strictly platonic, and he'll pay off her father's debts, and pay for her to go to law school? She can leave after a year, or it will be even more lucrative if she stays five years. And this strong, determined man is not going to take no for an answer.

Mattie has been doing ranch work since she was a young girl, always at her father's side. She always felt unattractive because of her unusual height. Even her father thought she wouldn't marry. But deep down, she wants a life away from the ranch, and a career as a lawyer. Her sexy neighbor makes an offer she can't refuse. But what if she ends up falling in love with him? But sometimes, a girl has to take a chance, right?

This a very pleasant, fun read. I loved Josh and Mattie, and I was rooting for these special people to fall in love. Josh was buried in his grief for his wife, but he had to move on. He has a sweet little daughter to care for, and a ranch to run. He struggled with these emerging feelings for his new wife, a heady mix of desire and affection, rapidly turning into something more profound. How could he love her if he still loved his wife? But he underestimated how much room there is in the heart for loving. And Mattie and him have a connection he didn't share with his wife. He can talk to her about what's important to him, the ranch and being a simple man. Mattie can meet him on his level, and she is so good with little Elizabeth. Before Josh knows it, he's in deep for his convenient wife. Mattie's got problems of her own. She's very attracted to Josh, and falls in love with him, and Elizabeth, even though she cautioned herself against doing exactly that. She never thought she'd be mom material, but she finds that she loves taking care of Elizabeth.

Her Temporary, Torrid Marriage really captures what I love about category romance. A good one will give a good story where a man and a woman come together under circumstances that aren't necessarily about falling in love, but love finds them all the same, and I get to enjoy the journey down the path to happy ever after. This was a great book. Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars .

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