Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starstruck Hunter by Michelle Lauren

Starstruck Hunter (Celestial Lovers, # 1) Starstruck Hunter by Michelle Lauren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Starstruck Hunter is a fantastic debut release, one in which I really got immersed while reading. Michelle Lauren shows a creativity that I believe has the potential to bring a new life to paranormal romance. I can say that I've yet to read a book where the heroine is a star, as in celestial body, not a celebrity. And it was very well-done. As a paranormal romance fan, and a fan of fantasy, horror, folklore, and mythology, I really look for an author who can come up with a different concept, or take something very familiar, and claim it as their own. Ms. Lauren has done this with her story. Although this is a short story, I thought the worldbuilding was very clever and vivid. The action scenes were so well-written, I lost myself in the book while reading it. Yes, Ms. Lauren is a very talented writer, indeed. I could easily see this book as a movie, and that's a good sign for this reader.

Another stellar (if you'll forgive the pun) aspect of this story is the hero, Noah. Whoa! What a man. What a sweetie. So hot, so sexy. Yes, I really liked Noah. He might be a revenge-driven ex-con, who is completely broke financially, but he's the kind of man a woman could use as her partner in life. Noah was one of the best things about this story, on top of the wonderful writing, ripe with creative energy. He got a very raw deal, and it seems like his luck is going further south, but his wish upon a star comes true in a very good way, when Miranda almost literally falls into his arms.

Miranda was true to her nature. She was exactly what I would imagine a star to be: innocent in a way that most humans would not be, but also mercurial, elemental in her passions, and stubborn. At times, she frustrated me in how she wanted her way, but her stubborness empowered her to save Noah's life. She was just what this downtrodden and quite tortured man needed.

The only down-side to this book is it was a bit too erotic for my tastes. I really got in the groove of the story-telling, and things went down the extremely descriptive depictions of sexuality that seemed almost intrusive to the rhythm of the narrative. I could not downgrade this book for that, because I feel that as an author, Ms. Lauren is entitled to write the kind of book she likes. My personal preferences are towards a less graphic sexuality when it comes to romance, and for that sensuality to be well-integrated into the story. I think that it fit this story, and I believe that readers who like a very spicy story will eat this up, because it's the best of both worlds: Great paranormal/action plot and hot sex in a nice package. And I have to say, that she does write love scenes very well, for a reader who enjoys erotic storytelling.

This is definitely a five star read, that I would highly recommend to a reader who likes a rich story with vivid characters, excellent writing, and explosive sexuality. Bravo, Ms. Lauren!

Content warning: This story is a hot tamale! Very descriptive sex scenes with one scene of anal digital penetration.

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