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Reluctant Mistress, Blackmaild Wife by Lynne Graham

Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife (Harlequin Presents) Reluctant Mistress, Blackmailed Wife by Lynne Graham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
When I read a Lynne Graham book, I usually shake my head numerous times at the standard plot elements that I am assured will be offered in most of her books. The heroine doesn't think she's very attractive, but the hero is completely fascinated with her, although he doesn't want to be. The hero has devasting appeal that never fails to slay the heroine and break past her defenses, leading to the couple being horizontal within the next five to ten minutes of reading. The hero who doesn't understand why he's in love with the heroine, and is in denial about it, but does just about everything he can to keep her in his bed, and will marry her because he doesn't like the idea of another man having her. (Shaking head).

Having said that, I really liked this book all the same. There is something so comforting about curling up with a good Lynne Graham Harlequin Presents. You know that there's going to be lots of verbal sparring, sexy, intense love scenes, creative declarations of love, and a hero who ends up doing his share of wooing, despite being clueless about his emotions. It's a great way to wind down for me. And, in the case of this book, there are the adorable twin babies, who steal their father's heart by the end of their first meeting together (and mine too). I, for one, cannot resist cute babies in a romance novel. I also like LG's heroines, when they aren't being too ditzy. Katie wasn't a ditzy one. She was very emotionally honest, probably to her detriment at times. But she was strong and intelligent, and a survivor. What's not to like about her? At times, I wish she was a little more resistant to Alexandros' appeal, but Cupid's arrow had bitten her deep. What's a girl to do? Alexandros wasn't really a jerk, although you might think he is, when you learn that he dumped Katie after her declaration of love during their short, but fruitful affair eighteen months ago. He did have some motivations for what he did, when you learn about the burden he was carrying at the time they met. And he was willing to take responsibility for his children, and to believe that he could very well be their father, even before the DNA test insisted on by his lawyer. He was a bit bull-headed about admitting his love, but he was driven to get his woman, which did earn some brownie points. And did I mention the cute babies? Okay, I am one of those people who think babies are cute enough to eat (as the saying goes).

Read this book if you want to enjoy a spicy, quick, interesting, attention-grabbing romance, and you do enjoy the above formula. It's a lot of fun, if you don't take it too seriously, but at the same, have an open mind and go into with an attitude for some hours of good reading entertainment.

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