Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Come to Me by LaVerne Thompson

Come To Me Come To Me by LaVerne Thompson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Come To Me is a book that asks a reader, "Do you believe in soulmates? In a soul-deep connection in life that leaves you searching until you find the one who makes you whole?" I won't ask you to answer that question, but instead, I will talk about this book.

Come To Me is a quick, but very satisfying read. It's about a man who has had empty, meaningless sexual encounter after sexual encounter. He's searched for something to fill that void inside of himself, in the beds of the wrong women. One day, he hears the voice of a seductive angel on the phone when he calls to complain of an issue with his condo building. A connection is made that very first time he talks to her. He does his player bit, trying to get her to go out with him, unsuccessful, although his mysterious "Jasmine" does flirt back with him. After leaving one last strenous, but unsatisfying bout in a just another woman's bed, he calls her to complain about a car parked in his space, and finally breaks through, getting her to agree with a date. He wants a date so bad that he's willing to fly across the country to see her. From there, it's just the fulfillment of what seems like his destiny.

This is a very romantic book. I am the first to say that I don't really care for modern romance that much, with the uncommitted sex, and the question of whether sexual chemistry leads to love. But I think Ms. Thompson managed to take these sort of premises and really write a story that touched me. Reading this story, I felt a strong connection between Baron and Jasmine that extended far out of the bedroom. I liked that a significant portion of this book was spent with them getting to know each other in ways that didn't involve the physical. Even though they had only talked on the phone for six months, and were just now meeting, I could feel that there was a strong bond between them. The love scenes themselves were romantic and emotional. I liked that Baron was the first one who was willing and able to admit that this was it for him, that he had found his soulmate. It didn't take Jasmine much longer to realize that he was 'the one'. I found the uncertainty about who was going to uproot her/his life to be with the other to be very realistic, and the conclusion they came to, showed their mutual love and regard for each other.

This is my first time reading Ms. Thompson, although I have talked to her and enjoyed our discourse--due to our mutual interest in interracial romance stories. I can say objectively that she has something to offer as a romance writer. She really does know how to pen a story that will make you sigh and feel the romance and the possibilities of love between a man and a woman. If you're looking for a shorter but satisfying read that will remind a jaded romance novel palate of why this genre is your reading material of choice, I recommend Come to Me.

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