Monday, February 15, 2010

Diablo's Return by Sierra Rose

Diablo's Return Diablo's Return by Sierra Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Kudos to Sierra Rose for writing such a cool story. Diablo's Return is a dream story for folks like me, who spent their adolescence watching way too many action movies, and wishing there were books that read like some of those under-appreciated gems.

Diablo is one of those dark figures that you root for, even though he's probably not a good guy. Or isn't he? Diablo has quite a tortured past to get beyond, and his heart is full of vengeance. Will he be able to put that past behind him and find a happy future? Will the real bad guys get vanquished? Well you need to read this story to find out.

Ms. Rose does a great job with the action and suspense elements (with appeal to both a male and female audience), but also manages to create fairly well-fleshed characters for such a short story. Writing short fiction is not easy. Writing really good short fiction is even harder. But this is a great short story that meets my needs for an edgy, action suspense story, with a nice romance, to boot. Great fun, and definitely recommended!

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