Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dangerous Bet: Troy's Revenge by Marie Rochelle

Tycoon Series:Dangerous Bet: Troy-s Revenge Tycoon Series:Dangerous Bet: Troy-s Revenge by Marie Rochelle

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This was a fun, exciting book. Troy was crazy about Headley, but didn't know how to just open his mouth and say the words. He was seriously going through all these changes and manipulating when he could have just told her. He was a big silly. (hot, though!) It was cute and I really enjoyed it. Hot love scenes, but the fact that Troy loved Headley so much was the winner for this book. Troy was pretty cavemanish, but Headley knew how to handle him. I like the possessive heroes so it didn't bother me, because Headley wasn't a doormat. I liked the interactions with Troy's friends, and Headley's friend Fancy. Some of the words that came out their mouths, wow! This book was a great read. Hours of entertainment after a long day of work. Can't wait to read Fancy and Maxwell's story. Intrigued about who Cole ends up with. Marie Rochelle is an autobuy for me.

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