Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Badlands Heart by Ruth Langan

Badlands Heart Badlands Heart by Ruth Langan

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I love heroines who are tough and don't adhere to the typical role that women are assigned to. Kitty is such a heroine. She is a mustang catcher and tamer, rough and ready. She was raised with two older brothers and a kindly older man who took in the orphaned children. She saves the hero's life at the beginning of the book, and I knew instantly I'd really like her.

I also really liked the hero, Bo. He's a gentle and kind guy, but he's not a pushover at the same time. He has no problem cooking or cleaning, or fixing the falling apart shack that Kitty and Aaron live in. Yet you don't feel that is not manly or masculine. I thought he was a delightful hero (probably because I have a soft spot for men who cook, do household chores, and can make repairs). Although he comes from money and is very well-educated, he doesn't look down his nose at those who are not educated. And he loves and admires Kitty for the woman that she is.

When there is such a deep, loving connnection between the couple at the beginning I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. Thankfully all is well in this book, although there was a suspenseful climax.

I liked that Kitty was a maverick and did her own thing, going so far as to get married in her typical buckskin clothing (not something I would do, but it certainly fit her personality.)

I haven't read as many westerns in a while, but this was a good book to get me back into western-reading mode.

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