Friday, January 16, 2009

Lover Revealed by JR Ward

I loved this book from page one. Butch resonated with me because he was so tortured. He was just as tortured as Zsadist but in different way. He got abused by his father and his mother ignored him. And his siblings pretty much followed their example and disowned Butch when his sister died. He felt like he was worth nothing and had nothing to live for. He was abusing himself and slowly killing himself day by day because his family had basically rejected him. That's why I love that he found The Brotherhood. He found a sense of family and belonging, although he still felt different because he wasn't a vampire. I love the relationship between Butch and Vishous. I haven't read many romances between men, and this one isn't per se. But the bond between Butch and Vishous has different layers and elements, and one of them is a romantic/sexual one. Their relationship remained unconsummated, but they definitely have strong feelings for each other that will remain, the sexual moreso on Vishous' side. I was so glad that Butch had Vishous to love him and take care of him, and vice versa. More than anything, I am so glad that Butch has Marissa. I think they are a wonderful couple, my second favorite in this series. Butch never thought he deserved anything, but he got his princess in Marissa. Marissa is not perfect, but to Butch she is perfect. And the great thing is that Marissa needed to be loved and adored. She felt rejected by her people (the glymera) since Wrath did not love her and did not want her as his Shellan, and she felt she could not live up to their and her brother's expectations. She was slowly dying inside, until Butch came and his adoration gave her the acceptance she needed. I also loved how Marissa came into her own and became the strong woman she was meant to be so she believe in herself, and she could stand at Butch's side, not behind him or in front of him. I really could not put this book down and was on the emotional rollercoaster ride along with the characters. There are more moments of interaction between the Brothers and their Shellans that are touching, and you get to see how everyone is doing. There is also trouble brewing with the Lessers and things heat up, and Butch is intricately involved with this change in the War with the Lessers. We also get to see more of the intriguing and seductive Rhev. He is so yummy to me. I love how tender and solicitious he is to Marissa. If there was no Butch, I'd probably like Rhev and Marissa to be together. But since there is a Butch (Thank God), Marissa is his. There are so many scenes that I love, but one of my favorites is when Butch goes to be inducted into the Brotherhood and all the shellans are lined up in their dresses that represent their Hellrens, and there is Marissa waiting for him. I almost started crying. I am tearing up writing this right now. In the end, I cannot even put into words how deeply this book affected me. Although I love Lover Awakened the most, this is definitely my second favorite.

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