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Trouble in High Heels by Christina Dodd

Trouble in High Heels (Fortune Hunter, #1)Trouble in High Heels by Christina Dodd

My rating: 3.25 of 5 stars


This is not one of my favorite Christina Dodd books. It was decent, but I expect more than decent from her. I think it's a timing thing. Being an extremely moody reader, it's hard when I read something and it doesn't fit what I am feeling at the time.

The Not-So Good:

*I never fell in love with the storyline, to be honest. I didn't like how Roberto and Brandi got together. She picked him up to make herself feel better after her fiance dumped her. Imagine her telling her grandkids that story. I don't like the fling/hook-up/one night stand storyline at all. Furthermore, I just couldn't get behind Roberto as a glitzy, celebrity count who happened to be a jewel thief (and the subsequent reveal on this). I couldn't suspend my disbelief on that one. And the connection between that and the men who were stalking Brandi was highly tenuous.

*Love scenes were too short, not satisfying to me. Christina Dodd writes good love scenes, but these didn't set this book on fire for me.

*The suspense part didn't work for me. It was a bit too thin and didn't come together well.

*Roberto didn't blow me away or hit me hard like many of Christina Dodd's heroes. He wasn't a bad hero. He just didn't do much for me, except for his beautiful gesture at the end, and how he stood up for Brandi with her ex-fiance'. Those were a few sigh-worthy moments on his part. It might be that I am just not into the Italian allure when it comes to guys. They don't do much for me. And I especially don't go for the high profile ladykiller type like he was.

*Sometimes I didn't get Brandi. She acted in ways that didn't make sense and didn't seem like something a logical, goal-oriented type person would do. She had some esteem issues from her dad and I could see that in her. On the positive side, I respected her for taking control of her life and helping out her mother when her father failed them.

The Good:

*This was a quick, fast-paced, breezy read, which is nice if you want a quick pick-me-up.

*The humor was good

*Interesting storyline

*Smart, independent heroine

*I loved Roberto's grandfather. He was adorable!

*Despite not liking how Brandi and Roberto met, I did like their chemistry together, although it didn't grow as fully-bloomed as I would hope. This read like an expanded short story instead of the full-fledged novel it was.

*I thought Brandi's relationship with her sister and mother added to the book, but her father was a full-on jerk. I'm glad she washed her hands of him. He doesn't deserve to have a relationship with her

Would I Recommend This Book?

Honestly, I would say avoid this one if you haven't read any Christina Dodd. I think she has written better. If your expectations aren't very high, you will probably find it to be a serviceable read, and you might enjoy it. I just expect so much more from her, and maybe I wasn't in the right mood when I read this. It's like ice cream. If the ice cream tastes pretty good even if it's not great, it's still better than no ice cream at all. But you'd rather eat really good ice cream if you're going to splurge on those calories. That's how I would describe this book.

Rating: 3.25/5.0 stars.

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